Chapter 4. Co-Pilot

Chapter 4. Co-Pilot

A service platform, which processes and visualizes personal data in order to support independent creatives in their career journey.

You don’t see something until you have the right metaphor to let you perceive it.
— Robert Stetson Shaw

Project Description


Sometimes, there comes a stage in life when we ask ourselves: ‘what has my journey been so far, what am I good at, and where should I go next?’ By choosing this as her design direction Liliana wanted to encourage conversation around personal life goals and ambitions to help people self-reflect and prioritize what is important to them.

Initially, she focused on finding the perfect balance between work and leisure to enable people to stay motivated, reflected, and well-rested. After having conducted 22 interviews and various co-creation session, Liliana found that there is no one-fits-all solution as supposed to be a fixed formula, since it’s a very subjective experience. Because people design their lives the way they aspire to, it would be way more powerful to facilitate an understanding about which decisions led them to the point of present, in order to help create a future they desire. Aiming to vividly express her research into a relatable frame she utilized the metaphor of pilot and co-pilot navigating the journey together.


›Co-Pilot‹ is a coaching service for independent creatives, which facilitates their career-related decisions via self-reflection. Combining artificial and human intelligence, the platform pools and processes personal data from various sources (e.g. Google calendar events and maps history, Health app) and visualizes it to generate engaging prompts and views on life events in relation to people’s well-being. Driven by data, the service lets users discover and set milestones, and matches them with a coach in a similar stage of life and profession to help plan a new course of their journey ahead.

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